By IgnorantWookie

What drives people do to anything?

What motivates people?

I got through High School. My goal was to get into college. And I had to get into a prestigious college. Now I don't know where this motivation came from. Did I really want to go to a college? My parents are very open and really only want what is best for me. As my career in High School began to end my grades dropped. I got senoritus. No I wasn't going to parties and I wasn't doing drugs. My life was the same thing as it had ever been, but I didn't care about school anymore. I got into a college I thought was adequate, and I knew I only had to keep Cs to get in. I really didn't care for my GPA past me getting into college. My parents want me to go to college but what they want is the best for me. To do well in the business world you need a good education.

But why do I care? Am I motivated to get a job solely because it is necessary to survive?

I would like to find something that fascinates me. I am able to intently focus on certain things, when they engage me. I could work on airsoft, video games, golf, or video projects for school with a vicious intensity. But wow, these are all hobbies and things to do in my free time. So does this mean I can get a job just to bring in money and then my free time is the only time I am happy in my life?

I think if I could get through school, most nearly anything would interest me, if I had the knowledge behind it. I am only looking with my limited field of vision into these topics and what I see doesn't engage me.

Other people that I see are intently motivated. I must find out what drives them. I don't understand. The thought of doing work I hate to get a job does not motivate me. And so far, all I have found is work I hate. If I can't get through college, I don't get the job.


In addition, life is full of choices. Lots of guys around here, and even the girls, have lives that either revolve around alcohol, parties, sex, or video games. Mostly immoral for the most part. Then they go back to shitty lives doing boring school work. I know its not boring for everyone, but most people at this point in time are sick of their freshman classes, and from what i have seen It doesn't get much better.

I am constantly given the opportunity to go hang out and drink with people on a weekly basis. Some people are addicted to its social aspects. Are people so vain as to feel that the only way that they can really get to know other people is by getting so wasted that their true emotions come out? Do people like losing that control? I don't understand. And all through the week they just talk about how to get wasted on the weekend. I could care less for the legal aspect, if I wanted to drink, I would, and I feel the law that makes drinking only legal for 21+ only creates an underground market for those drinkers in an unsafe environment.

I think college for the most part pushes people towards immoral ends.

I stopped going to church since I've been in college. I have religious, moral, and scientific conflicts and the rigidity of the church makes me angry. Having an individual tell me, believe what i say, or go to Hell, is hard to believe, true or not.

I have not been really motivated. I was looking for something better in college. And I have yet to find it.

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